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With an encouraging growth rate of 30%, this industry is pegged at an estimated 14 crores - making the Salon Enterprise a very lucrative business investment indeed! Interested in Beauty salon franchises ? Somewhere in this franchise category, there is probably some Beauty franchise that is just right for you ! Simply click on below Beauty salon franchise opportunities to access their franchise information to start a franchise in India.

Other Opportunities of the Month
  • Salon HM

    A Premium Unisex Salon

    Area: 1100 sq.ft.

    Investment: 39 - 40 Lacs

    Expansion: Pan India

  • Elle Salon

    Partner With An International Salon Chain!

    Area: 800 sq.ft.

    Investment: 45 Lacs

    Expansion: Bangalore & Delhi

  • The Cosmetic Club

    India's Premium Brand For Advanced Aesthetic Procedures

    Area: 800 sq.ft.

    Investment: 60 Lacs

    Expansion: Pan India

  • Kulsum's Kaya Kalp

    Jaipur's Most Trusted Ayurvedic Beauty Clinic

    Area: 1000 sq.ft.

    Investment: 36 Lacs

    Expansion: Pan India

  • Gallantry Salon

    First Army Theme Based Salon

    Area: 100 - 800 sq.ft.

    Investment: 10 - 34 Lacs

    Expansion: Delhi/NCR, Lucknow, Chandigarh

  • Selfie Salon

    An Emerging Chain Of Luxury Salons In Central India

    Area: 1000 sq.ft.

    Investment: 35 - 40 Lacs

    Expansion: Mumbai

  • Spa Nation

    Experience Authentic Massages at Spa Nation

    Area: 600 sq.ft.

    Investment: 30 Lacs

    Expansion: Pan India

  • Carlo Conde

    Spain's Premium Men Salon Chain

    Area: 200 - 800 sq.ft.

    Investment: 54 Lacs - 1.11 Crore

    Expansion: Pan India

  • Lucas Academy

    Most Celebrated Salon Brand

    Area: 600 - 1600 sq.ft.

    Investment: 22 - 49.5 Lacs

    Expansion: Pan India

  • Sculpt By Geeta Paul

    Everyone's born beautiful. All you need is a little sculpt

    Area: 300 sq.ft.

    Investment: 35 Lacs

    Expansion: Bangalore

  • Relooking

    An advanced centre offering natural beauty & slimming solutions

    Area: 1500 sq.ft.

    Investment: 46 Lacs

    Expansion: Pan India